& Vehicle Modifications

Experienced drivers who require rehabilitation support to return to driving can look forward to specifically tailored lessons, which will address individual needs in a friendly and stress free environment. Confidence and safe driving habits will be instilled and where necessary preparation for the Practical Assessment will be covered in depth.


Learner drivers using vehicle modifications are taught all the skills required to drive safely and pass the Practical Driving Assessment.  


Modifications available include:


Total Ability Fadiel Tri Pin Spinner

Total Ability Fadiel Standard Spinner

Total Ability Fadiel Hand Controls with combined Accelerator and Brake

Total Ability Fadiel Hand Satellite accelerator  

Total Ability Fadiel Left Foot accelerator


RB Systems Spinner knob with toggle switches

RB Systems Remote Control (signals, horn wipers and lights)


Lodgesons Spinner with remote switches (2 options)

Lodgesons Wireless Keypad Controls (signals, horn, wipers and lights)

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